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Sail the open oceans, down the world’s most historically rich rivers, or on an expedition to the ends of the earth on a luxury cruise vacation. Our world-class cruise partners offer premier voyages including the best amenities. Some of these amenities include exquisite cuisine, immersive shore excursions, a variety of onboard entertainment and rejuvenating spas. A cruise travel agent from Le Grande Butler Travel can help you book rooms that offer beautiful views. Additionally, your cruise travel agent will arrange every detail of your plan so that you can just go and relax. Learn more about our different luxury cruise vacation options below or call us today to learn more!

Types of Cruises

  • Ocean Cruise

    Sail the world on the open ocean with the world's best cruise lines

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  • Expedition Cruise

    Take a journey to the Arctic, Antarctica, the Galapagos and more and discover wildlife and places few have been.

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Why Choose Our Travel Agents For A Cruise?

Going on a cruise is an exciting adventure that offers countless options on your personal voyage. Even for experienced travelers, going to a new destination on an unfamiliar cruise ship requires additional research to thoroughly plan the activities you will enjoy and places you will visit. With the help of a cruise travel agent, your cruise experience will become much more relaxing. At Le Grande Butler Travel, all the details concerning transportation, excursion bookings, reservations, and other options will be handled for you. Also, you will receive all the information through one agent about a particular cruise, reducing the time it takes to browse websites and watch videos while selecting a cruise to go on. Our team has over 19 years of experience bringing customers to cruise vacations around the world. Call us today to begin planning your luxury cruise expedition today!